Behavioral Types In Programming Languages

Author: Davide Ancona
Publisher: Now Publishers
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Behavioral Types in Programming Languages provides the reader with the first comprehensive overview of the state of the art of these practical aspects, which are summarized as the pragmatics of behavioral types.

Programming Languages And Systems Esop 94

Author: Donald Sannella
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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5th European Symposium on Programming, Edinburgh, U.K., April 11 - 13, 1994.
Proceedings Donald Sannella. Syntactically, LCS behavior types are built from
special type variables called behavior type variables and written _a, _b, etc.,
possibly prefixed by a finite number of fields of the form {label: extension_type #
message- type) where extension_type is an equality type. Regular type variables
( ' a, ' b, etc.) may be substituted by any type, including behavior types, but
behavior ...

Software Engineering And Formal Methods

Author: Domenico Bianculli
Publisher: Springer
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For example, the driver of a physical component may require that the interaction
with its environment follows a particular protocol that may form a part of the
abstract view of the component provided by its behavioral type. According to the
classification in [8], abstraction is a typical example of behavioral contracts that
one can find, e.g., in UML and programming languages like Eiffel. It is also alike
to the ESMs used in SPACE and Reactive Blocks [32] (see Sect. 2). – Type
conformance: ...

Programming Languages And Systems

Author: Giuseppe Castagna
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Caires, L.: Spatial-Behavioral Types for Concurrency and Resource Control in
Distributed Systems. Theoretical Computer Science 402(2-3), 120–141 (2008) 5.
Caires, L., Vieira, H.T.: Conversation Types. UNL-DI-3-08, Departamento de
Inform ́atica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2008) 6. Carbone, M., Honda, K.,
Yoshida, N.: Structured Communication-Centred Programming for Web Services.
In: De Nicola, R. (ed.) ESOP 2007. LNCS, vol. 4421, pp. 2–17. Springer,
Heidelberg (2007) ...

Web Services Formal Methods And Behavioral Types

Author: Thomas Hildebrandt
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319336126
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We briefly comment the program above, referring the reader to [20] for a more
complete description of Chor. Procedure write implements the behaviour of the
processes from Example2. The sessions k and k2 (k and k in ... Related. Work.
The idea of using choreography-like descriptions for communication behaviour
has been used for alongtime, for example in software engineering [17], security [5
, 7,9], and specification languages for business processes [1,28]. The
development of the ...

Types And Programming Languages

Author: Benjamin C. Pierce
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262162098
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Types. in. Computer. Science. Modern software engineering recognizes a broad
range of formal methods for helping ensure that a system behaves correctly with
respect to some specification, implicit or explicit, of its desired behavior. On one
end of the spectrum are powerful frameworks such as Hoare logic, algebraic
specification languages, modal logics, and denotational semantics. These can be
used to express very general correctness properties but are often cumbersome to
use ...

Modular Programming Languages

Author: David Lightfoot
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540409270
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7th Joint Modular Languages Conference, JMLC 2006, Oxford, UK, September
13-15, 2006, Proceedings David E. Lightfoot, David Lightfoot, Clemens Szyperski
. , B.: Eiffel: The Language. ... Intermetrics, Inc. (1995) , D.F., Strom, R.E., Tarafdar,
A.: Guava: A dialect of Java without data In: OOPSLA 2000. (2000) ?an, F., Abadi,
M.: ... Science of Computer Programming 55 (2005) 3—52 I.A., Xiong, Y.: A
behavioral type system and its application in Ptolemy II. J Aspects of Computing
16 ...

Programming Languages And Systems

Author: Hongseok Yang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662544342
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In this paper, we present the first type system that accommodates non-
deterministic and abortable behaviors in the setting of sessionbased concurrent
programs. Remarkably, our type system builds on a Curry-Howard
correspondence with (classical) linear logic conservatively extended with two
dual modalities capturing an additive (co)monad, and provides a first example of
a Curry-Howard interpretation of a realistic programming language with built-in
internal non-determinism.

Informatik 97 Informatik Als Innovationsmotor

Author: Matthias Jarke
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642608310
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We show how correctness can be preserved by behavioral subtyping.
Furthermore, we summarize and discuss the proof obligations occurring from
program extensions. Behavioral Subtyping In object-oriented programming
languages, correctness of programs can be affected by adding new classes as
subtypes of existing classes. This effect is due to dynamic binding: Methods of the
new subtype may be called in contexts where initially only methods of existing
types could occur. Thus ...