Astronomical Notes

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The tabular part of the Astronomical volume for 1843 has been finished some
time since, and the volume would have been published several wecks ago, but
that, from my inadvertence, the manuscript of the Introduction was not prepared
early enough. The printing of the Introduction is now nearly finished. Of the
volume of 1844, seven sheets are already printed. The number of copies of the
volume for 1843 struck off by the printers (as for some years past) is 350. The
impression in the ...

An Introduction And Notes On Mr Bird S Method Of Dividing Astronomical Instruments To Which Is Added A Vocabulary Of English And French Technical Terms

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P. R. E. F. A C E. H E N Mr. Bird wrote his tract upon dividing Astronomical
Instruments, all he proposed was to lay down practical rules for workmen. For
though he proceeded himself, in every part of the work, upon principles ; yet he
did not think it necessary to explain these at large to common artificers. Men who
were capable of thinking, as well as working, he supposed would see the ground
on which he proceeded. But it is not every man capable of that sort of thinking we
call ...

Fundamentals Of Astronomy

Author: C Barbieri
Publisher: CRC Press
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Broad in coverage, the book presents arguments from classical astronomy, such as spherical astronomy, that form the foundation for future work in the field. Features

History Of The Royal Astronomical Society 1820 1920

Author: John Louis Emil Dreyer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110806860X
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Then we have headings to indicate the observatories from which reports of work
had been sent, and a general heading “ Progress of Astronomy ”; and by 1865
we have headed subdivisions throughout the whole report. The somewhat
ambitious “ Progress of Astronomy ” was modified in 1869 to “ Notes on some
points of interest connected with the progress of Astronomy during the past year.”
And so it has remained with but Slight modification down to the present time. An
innovation ...

An Astronomical Introduction To The Study Of Geography

Author: James Archibald HAMILTON (Archdeacon of Ross.)
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A. By means of certain astronomical notes and numbers calculated for the
purpose, and annexed in their respective tables to the Calendar. 52, Which are
the principal of these numbers and notes P A. The Golden Number, theLSunday
Letter and the Epach. La. What is the Golden number os any year? si. It is one of
the nineteen numerals that belong in their order to the nineteen years that bring
round the period os the Lunar irregularities of mo. tion; at the end of which period
the new ...

Reviews In Modern Astronomy From Cosmological Structures To The Milky Way

Author: Siegfried Röser
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527609121
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... Hardcover ISBN 3-527-40476-7 Foukal, P. V. Solar Astrophysics 480 pages,
2004, Hardcover ISBN 3-527-40374-4 Liddle,A. An Introduction to Modern
Cosmology 188 pages, 2003, Hardcover ISBN 0-470-84834-0 Cotera, A., Markoff
, S., Geballe, T. R., Falcke, H. (eds.) Galactic Center Workshop 2002 The central
300 parsecs of the Milky Way Astronomische Nachrichten/ Astronomical Notes
Supplementary Issue 1/2003 650 pages, 2004, Hardcover ISBN 3-527-40466-X
Rüdiger, G.

Certain Philosophical Questions

Author: J. E. McGuire
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521530668
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The astronomical entries fall into two groups: (1) The cometary notes, which
consist of notes on the comets of 1585 and 1618, as well as reports of Newton's
observations of two comets in 1664-5, and form a single continuous block of
notes in the Questiones covering folio 1293V and folios 54 114V through 58
116V; (2) a number of diverse notes scattered throughout the Questiones
touching on topics such as the tides (47 1111 and 49 1 12'), Cartesian astronomy
(11 93' and 49 1121), ...

Twenty Five Astronomical Observations That Changed The World

Author: Michael Marett-Crosby
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461468000
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Humans have been recording aurorae since the Babylonians made astronomical
notes on baked clay tablets in the sixth century BCE, and they remain among the
most beautiful revelations of how we are bound within the solar environment.
What causes the aurorae? As solar particles move into Earth's magnetosphere
they travel to its day or night side along the magnetic field lines. When these
magnetic field lines reconnect in an area known as the magnetotail, energy is
released, ...