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General Officers Washington Report

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For others, riding a motorcycle exemplifies the uniquely American spirit.
Unfortunately, many of the bicycle and motorcycle sales in recent years have
gone overseas. For example, Sears carries only imported bicycles and the top
motorcycle manufacturers are all foreign companies. Here is a guide when
shopping for these products made in the U.S.A. — • Bicycles: The bicycle market
includes everything from children's bikes to high-tech racing machines costing
$3,000 or more.

Bowker S Complete Video Directory 2000

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Sail On Second Debut Self-Esteem - - Self-Esteem for Native American Students
Selling at Mach l; Motivational Acceleration Seven Magnificent Motivational
Speakers Skiing, Factories & Race Horses - -- The Sky's the Limit: Women
Overcoming ... The Motorcycles of Porto-Novo (Benin) MOTORIZED VEHICLES
Aerial Apparatus Driving Techniques Aerial Apparatus Maintenance Aerial
Apparatus Series Air Brakes Pt. 1: Demonstration * Air Brakes Pt. 2: Application
All-Terrain Vehicles ...

Motorcycle Illustrated

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By arrangement with the A. A. A. Touring Information Bureau, MoToRCYCLE
ILLUSTRATED is able to reproduce that map, and also to give a fairly complete
list of principal hotels and their rates along the most-used through routes,
compiled ... It will be noted that the mostrepeated word in that list is “up,” and any
who feel that they cannot afford $2 up, European plan, or $5 up, American plan—
which rates comprise a considerable part of the list— should particularly note the
fair number ...

The Literary Digest

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For Auto Trips For Motor Boat Outing - VA's trips by motorcycle offer Big Appetites
Thank These Baskets A small piece of ice in a Hawkeye / Refrigerator Bas- / ket
keeps lunch and bottles cool all day. You may now ... A writer in Motorcycle
Illustrated says: “Two years ago a 500-mile journey was regarded in the light of a
notable achievement by motorcyclists; to-day the rider who contemplates
anything more than a weekend outing is quite likely to turn his attention to a coast
-to-coast trip.

American Bicyclist And Motorcyclist

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See our Trouble Table, which we published in the January 1 issue. ROUTE FOR
LONG TOUR. KINDLY let me know the best route for a motor trip from St. Louis,
Mo., to Cheyenne, VVyo., leaving here about the first of the last week in July. I
should like to route my trip ... Minneapolis, two-speed and free engine. ...
Communicate with the St. Louis automobile and motorcycle clubs for more
detailed information, or obtain copies of the Automobile Blue Book for the Middle
VVest (vol. 4), from ...

The Book Buyer S Guide

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LET'S VISIT THE MIDDLE EAST #2.95 John C. Caldwell John Day A companion
volume to "Let's Visit Formosa" and "Let's Visit Southeast Asia." The author ... 57-
12712 LYDIA LONGLEY, The First American Nun #1.95 Helen A. McCarthy
Farrar ... Postponed from Sept. 27 to Jan. 2. 57-12216 MOTORCYCLE DOG #
2.50 Jay Hyde Barnum Morrow Puddles, Tex's adopted dog, becomes part of
Tea's motorcycle act in a traveling show, but sooner than Tex expected and at a
risky moment.