Age Of Opulence

Author: Hebe Dorsey
Publisher: Harry N Abrams Inc
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A look at French culture circa 1890 that gives a social history of the Belle Epoque as seen through the pages of the Paris Herald

Edwardian Portraits

Author: Kenneth McConkey
Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Limited
Size: 22.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Records a wealthy society's desire to immortalise itself in fabulous self-portraits. It found artists who succeeded brilliantly and this book, the only one devoted to the subject, records both the sitters and the work of the artists.

The Opulent Interiors Of The Gilded Age

Author: Arnold Lewis
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486319474
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In its dazzling decor and opulence, this house is symbolic of the wealth and
prestige attained by Oliver Ames and of his triumph over his family disgrace. The
decoration of these interiors also displays quite dramatically some important
concepts in late nineteenth-century American interiors: the implication of age,
created by darkened wood and ornamental motifs inspired by medieval and early
Renaissance styles; the ever-present clutter of small decorative items that leaves
few voids; ...

Good Kids Tough Choices

Author: Rushworth M. Kidder
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470875537
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Teaching Thrift in an Age of Opulence It was a pattern Chrissie followed almost to
the letter when she made such a move not long ago in downstate Illinois. Yes, it
was a hard transition — and yes, it was scary. But in the end, the interruptions
from thirteen-year-old Josh and eight-year-old Penny during late- afternoon
appointments — “Can I go to the 71 Ages Five Through Nine Teaching Thrift in
an Age of Opulence.

Social Opulence And Private Restraint

Author: Noel Thompson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199646015
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To think in terms of social opulence may facilitate this: to think in terms of a
society not burdened but rich in the possibilities made available to people as they
grow older; a society part of whose opulence lies in the sustained provision of
what is necessary to maintain the health and dignity of a population whose
average age will rise inexorably over the coming decades. And this must of
course entail a measure of intergenerational redistribution. Or, put differently,
restraint in terms of the ...

The Lusiad

Author: Luís de Camões
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If the luxuries of the Indies usher disease to our tables, the consequence is not
unknown ; the wise and the temperate receive no injury; and intemperance has
been the destroyer of mankind in every age. The opulence of ancient Rome
produced a luxury of manners which proved fatal to that mighty * Even that warm
admirer of savage happiness, the author of the Hlstolre Pbilosophique Iff
Politique des Etablljfemcns, &c. confesses, that the wild Americans seem
destitute of the feeling of ...

The Rough Guide History Of Egypt

Author: Michael Haag
Publisher: Rough Guides
ISBN: 9781858289403
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The rapid increase of wealth that came from Egypt's exploitation of its empire in
the Near East and Nubia was accompanied by a rapidly increasing taste for
luxury, an architecture of gigantic scale and a culture pervaded by an
atmosphere of opulence. When people think of ancient Egypt, they are for the
most part thinking ot the New Kingdom: it was during this age of unparalleled
confidence and prosperity that nearly every familiar great monument of Egyptian
antiquity - the Pyramids ...

The Living Age

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License again, the making free with rule, if it be indeed, as people fancy, a habit
of genius, flinging aside or transforming all that opposes the liberty of beautiful
production, will be but faith to one's own meaning. The seeming baldness of “Le
Rouge et le Noir” is nothing in itself; the wild ornament of “Les Misérables” is
nothing in itself; and the restraint of Flaubert, amid a real natural opulence, only
redoubled beauty, — the phrase so colorable and so precise at the same time,
hard as ...

Historical Dictionary Of The Gilded Age

Author: T. Adams Upchurch
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810862999
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Located in the Blue Ridge range of the Appalachian mountains on the outskirts of
Asheville, North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate represents the epitome of gaudy
Gilded Age opulence. Built at the behest of George W. Vanderbilt, the grandson
of multi-millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt and son of William Henry Vanderbilt, it
became the largest private estate in the United States, and it remains so today.
Although conceived in the 1870s and '80s, the Biltmore mansion's actual
construction ...