A Thousand Deadlines

Author: Kevin O’Keefe
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401576084
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The research involved not only editorial opinion but also news items, feature articles, letters to the editor, book reviews and special commentary.

Dead Lines

Author: John Skipp
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 9780553276336
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A thousand future histories, meticulously logged and gift wrapped for posterity.
My eyes rolled like minnows in a mudslide as I scanned the sprawling mass of
information packing his studio apartment; twelve by twenty- five feet of living
space, plus kitchenette and bath. Every square inch of which was crammed with
tier upon tier, shelf upon shelf of books, periodicals, videocassettes, laserdiscs,
photo albums, notebooks, and manuscripts. There was some stereo equipment
that Japan ...


Author: Henry Justin Smith
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Though he "hung out" for a thousand verdicts and kept late watches on a
thousand death-beds, he would ever be the same. The mere presence of the
incalculable works upon his brain; the consciousness of an approaching "flash'-'
sets up a painful tingle of dread. He paces the room slowly, angry with himself.
Surely, he has faced this sort of responsibility often enough. By now he should be
able to apply the fatalism of the profession ; he should be hardened, and should
say "I don't ...


Author: Christopher Dunn
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But every time he writes a big story, all his relatives - of which he has thousands,
scattered throughout London - ring up to discuss the story, and to congratulate
him at great length. He has a hard time, poor lamb." "It is true!" shouted Sidney,
leaping to his feet. "But all is not lost. The unconquerable will and spirit of
revenge, immortal hate and what not else is not to be overthrown - Milton, you
know; I was weaned on it. Had a literary father," he added in a normal voice,
coming over to Tom ...

Between Deadlines

Author: Lee M. Merriman
Size: 33.62 MB
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Writing thousands upon thousands of words, however, will not teach one to write
well if, in the writing process, one persists in repeating the same old errors. Any
newspaper copy-desk editor can give you a list of errors he has cut a thousand
times from news copy and knows he will keep right on cutting no matter how
bright the men and women who join his staff. He sharpens a new pencil. Nine
times out of 10 he will wear it to a stub correcting identical errors in phrase and
sentence ...

Deadlines And Disruption My Turbulent Path From Print To Digital

Author: Stephen Shepard
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071802649
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Thousand. Flowers. ournalism is in crisis, and as the dean ofajournalism school, I
'm often asked what its future will be. Yes, I too get depressed when I see what's
happening to mainstream media—all those layoffs, steep revenue declines, and
bankruptcies. In losing so much financial muscle, the traditional news industry
can no longer lift as much journalistic weight as it once did. Since 2006, US.
newspapers have cut their news staffs by more than 25 percent? In Baltimore, to
pick one ...

Deadlines From The Edge

Author: Hamilton Wende
Publisher: Penguin Global
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This new map of the world is not defined by lines of latitude and longitude - the
minute, myriad points of intersection in this new world are the television cameras,
the satellite dishes, the cellphones, the laptop computers that are the tools of our
information age. These machines are the gateways into the matrix. They are the
doors leading into the electronic corridors where the world looks in at itself at a
thousand different points and out again towards a thousand more. It is a moving,

Bardic Deadlines

Author: Geoffrey O'Brien
Publisher: Univ of Michigan Pr
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The contents of his mind can be enumerated like pictures on a wall, or more
properly like descriptions of pictures in a catalog: In a little house pictures I keep,
many pictures hanging suspended — It is not a fixed house, It is round — it is but
a few inches from one side of it to the other side, But behold! it has room enough
— in it, hundreds and thousands, — all the varieties . . . The elements are free
and independent; they can go anywhere; they can be anywhere. Things can be
placed ...

Touchlines And Deadlines

Author: Luke Alfred
ISBN: 9781919930886
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In a radio poll in Johannesburg, 1 3 000 callers voted that Small should keep his
place while a thousand went the other way. A stranger forum of support for Small
came from the conservative Zulu Inkatha Freedom Party. Their spokesman, Ed
Tillet, said that, if Small so wished, tens of thousands of Zulu impi warriors could
be mobilised to take 'the necessary action on the streets of Durban' to ensure that
he was not wrongly persecuted. The Tromp turmoil, the dispute between
Markgraaff ...

Striking Through The Masks

Author: Morton Marcus
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The dead say: our deadline was yesterday. That's the line on the other side.
There is still a Party line even if you don't see it. It follows the hemline like the
market. The market has a five-o'clock deadline. The bluelines arrived past the
deadline and everyone was gone. There were deadlines between the lines. I can
read between the lines because I've been up against a thousand deadlines and
made it in the nick of time with nary a crease more in my lined forehead. Looking
at my ...