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Thegreat^Akbar offers you a midsummers daydream Forget the commonplace
thought of heading for the hills. This year take a different break from the sun. The
Akbar. A cool green oasis. Offering you impeccable service and five-star facilities.
Here at the Akbar there'3 so much more to discover. The Madhub3n — a rustic
coffee shop with earthenware deccr. Cool, quiet end secluded. The Sheesh
Mahal. Shimmering restaurant of bangles, beads and mirrors. Swinging nights of


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Contents: Spellbound (5:12) - Rock out, roll on (5:10) - Cool down (4:49) - Follow
your heart (3:32) - Time goes by (5:57) - Midsummer's daydream : instrumental (
1 :40) - Time canon (1:32) - Killing time (4:15) - Stranger in a strange land (5:11)
-- Little boy blues : instrumental (3:33) CR85-50236-5 Pt. 1 780 Thunder seven [
sound recording]. — Triumph (Musical group). — Willowdale, Ont. : MCA Records
, pl984. — 1 sound cassette : 4.75 cm/s, stereo., Dolby processed. — Contents: ...

American Treasures

Author: Reader's Digest Association
Publisher: Readers Digest
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Much of the credit for the park's survival can be laid at the door of the privately run
Central Park Conservancy. In 1980 concerned New Yorkers formed the not-for-
profit organization to IRRESISTIBLE TOUCH The hand of Lewis Carroll's fictional
heroine in Jose de Crefft's I960 Alice in Wonderland sculpture, below, has been
buffed by the children who touch the statue. MIDSUMMER S DAYDREAM A
businessman, left, takes an afternoon siesta in one of Central Park's peaceful
meadows ...

Midsummer Rose

Author: Catherine Lyndell
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 9780671726430
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Robert put both hands on Cressida 's shoulders and studied her face gravely.
Cressida ... A few days ago she would have shrunk from Robert's anger, would
have convinced herself that it meant he didn't care for her, and then would have
fled into a golden daydream in which nobody was ever angry and flowers never
faded and winter never came. Now she ... This summer would pass, autumn
would wither the flowers and winter would blow the dried seed heads into the air.
And she ...


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16 Summer 1999 24 departments 4 Words From the Editor 6 From the Mail Box
10 Heavy Reading. By Rochelle Larkin. 12 Belle Jewels. A Mid-Summer's
Daydream. 24 Belle Q. Baring all with nude model Toni Blakelock. 25 Ask
Vanessa. Intimate advice from a woman who knows. 26 Can We Talk Openly? Dr
. Grace Cornish and author Carl Hendricks discuss the importance of self-
empowerment in relationships. 28 Straight Talk. Sensational at any size. ..making
your world a fat ...

Femmes Forever

Author: G. B. Absher
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 9781524513849
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Falling in Paris is the story of a young boy with many things to learn who happens to find many women to teach him in the crown jewel of France.


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A svinming pool annidst trellised vines. Tall drinks s] 2. 7%egnate//ar offers youa
midsummers daydroam and a poolside barbecue. Treasure hunting in the
shopping arcade. A shopping complex, movie theatre next door. Your room—a
rosevood hide-avvay of peace. The Akbar adventure. A midsummer's daydream.
Akbar Hotel Chanakyapuri Nevv Delhi 110O21 Phone 370251 - Granns
AKBOTEL Telex 2863 Public Accounts Committee of Parliament had also
expressed the view.

Die B Cherdiebin

Author: Markus Zusak
Publisher: cbj Verlag
ISBN: 3894804270
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Denn selbst der Tod hat ein Herz. „Die Bücherdiebin“ ist eine Liebesgeschichte, eine Hommage an Bücher und Worte und eine Erinnerung an die Macht der Sprache, die im Roman von Markus Zusak viele Facetten zeigt: den lakonisch ...