Streitentscheidung Und Normbildung Durch Den Zivilprozess

Author: Felix Maultzsch
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
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5,8 Postema, [2002] 2 OUCLJ 155, 166 f. 319 Postema, [2002] 2 OUCLJ 155, 172
ff. 520 Postema, [2003] 3 OUCLJ 1, 7 f. 521 Maine, Dissertations on Early Law
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Concise History of the Common Law, 5. Aufl. 1956, S. 147 ff. 523 Baker, An
Introduction ...

A Concise History Of The English Constitution

Author: Edward Howley
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It is well to understand that moral rights are restricted by jurists, to signify such
rights as are conferred by public opinion, and are not enforced by legal sanctions
. The customs which become law by the force of judicial decisions, and not
directly by the enactment of parliament, form what is preeminently known as the
common law, containing, for instance, the rules that determine the inheritance of
land. Some of the old common law was excellent ; but having its principal
sources in ...

A Concise History Of England

Author: John EDWARDS (Teacher.)
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prosecuted in the queen's name, and punishable by the criminal law; such are
murder, robbery, &c. Other injuries to private property, or persons, are private
wrongs and are redressed by the application of the injured person to the courts of
justice, which decide- suits between man and man. The law regulating these
various rights and pro~ hibiting these wrongs, may be divided into the un- written,
or common law, and the written, or statute law. The former is of immemorial
antiquity, and ...

English Common Law In The Age Of Mansfield

Author: James Oldham
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807864005
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Mansfield's Jurisprudence The unsettled place of contract law in mid-eighteenth
century is evident from William Blackstone's Commentaries. Blackstone's
definition of con. Simpson, Common Law of Contract, 297–98; Baker, English
Legal History, 345; T. F. T. Plucknett, A Concise History of the Common Law, 5th
ed. (Boston: Little, Brown, 1956), 648. . Baker, English Legal History, 347. .
Plucknett, Common Law, 648. . Baker, English Legal History, 348. tract—''an
agreement upon ...

History Of The Common Law

Author: John H. Langbein
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
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This introductory text explores the historical origins of the main legal institutions that came to characterize the Anglo-American legal tradition, and to distinguish it from European legal systems.

Thinking Like A Lawyer

Author: Frederick Schauer
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674032705
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6 THE IDEA OF THE COMMON LAW 6.1 Some History and a Comparison A
popular conception imagines law as a collection of rules written down in a master
rulebook. ... English Legal History (4th ed., 2002); S. F. C. Milsom, A Natural
History of the Common Law (2003); S. F. C. Milson, Historical Foundations of the
Common Law (2d ed., 1981); Theodore F. T. Plucknett, A Concise History of the
Common Law (5th ed., 1956); Gerald J. Postema, “Classical Common Law
Jurisprudence,” ...