Non Chemical Weed Control

Author: Khawar Jabran
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128098821
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Akemo, M.C., Regnier, E.E., Bennett, M.A., 2000. Weed suppression in spring-
sown rye (Secale cereale) pea (Pisum sativum) cover crop mixes. Weed Technol.
14,545–549. Alberts, E.E., Neibling, W.H., 1994. Influence of crop residues on
water erosion. In: Unger, P.W. (Ed.), Managing Agricultural Residues. Lewis
Publishing, Ann Arbor, MI, pp. 19–39. Anderson, R.L., 2000. Cultural systems to
aid weed management in semiarid corn (Zea mays). Weed Technol. 14, 630–634
. Anderson ...

2000 Minnesota Crop Pest Management Shortcourse

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Select the best herbicide for the situation and crop rotation. Use the highest
labeled rate possible. However, many herbicides have strict rotation restrictions
when applied in the fall. Read the information in the "Cultural and Chemical
Weed Control Bulletin" (1) under the perennial weed control section and read
and follow the restrictions on the label. 4. Perennial weed control will be greatest
if the field has not been tilled prior to herbicide application. Mowing perennial
weeds earlier in ...

Environmental Stresses In Soybean Production

Author: Mohammad Miransari
Publisher: Academic Press
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Inoculating the seeds may also be a good method to enhance the growth of
seedlings, resulting in a more efficient competiveness with the weeds. For
example, seed inoculation with the appropriate strain of rhizobium bacteria
results in the homogenous process of N fixation, increasing the growth of
soybean plants and their competitiveness with the field weeds (Martens, 2000).
Cultural Weed Control With time and with respect to the cultural specifications,
farmers have learned some ...

Agriculture Fishery Technology Iii 2000 Ed

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Commercial fishing, 229 Control, pests and diseases, 98 Corn, 14-20 chemical
control, field crops, 24 cropping season, 19 planting methods, 18 cultural control,
field crops, 24 fertilizer application, 17 fertilizer needs, 15-16 rate of seeding, 8
seedbed preparation, 18 soil needs, 16 temperature effect, 19 trace elements, 16
CRD, 109 Crop bound, 108 D Disease control, field crops, 21 gabi, 44 triangle,
disease, 25 Drying fish, 241 E Eating quality rice, 6 Egg bound, 108 Egg
collection, ...

Custer National Forest N F Weed Management

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2000. 2, 4- : Herbicide Fact Sheet. Bon neville Power Administration: ---_n~.' -.
m n 1' .L- f nr ' ' - A - PA/ nvirn n P --. US EPA. 1989. US Environmental Protection
Agency. Integrated Risk information System. 2,4 — Dichlorophenozyacetid acid (
2,4-D) (CASRN 94-75-7). 1990. US Environmental Protection Agency. integrated
Risk lnforrnation System, ... Control Guide, 2005. Dim.' University of Minnesota
Extension Service, 2006. 2006 Cultural and Chemical Weed Control in Field
Crops ...

Conservation Agriculture

Author: Muhammad Farooq
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319116207
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Several selective postemergence herbicides, some of which are low dose and
high-potency molecules, are now available to effectively manage weeds in major
field crops like rice, wheat, soybean etc. under CA (Table 3.6). The effectiveness
of postemergence ... of crop residues. Wolf et al. (2000) observed that the
quantity of spray lodged on smooth pigweed (Amaranthus hybridus L.) was
reduced by 38–52% by standing wheat stubble depending upon the spray travel
speed. Hartzler ...

The Pesticide Detox

Author: Jules Pretty
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136552790
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Cultural. Practices. for. Ecological. Pest. Management. Cultural practices focus on
manipulations at the crop, field and farm level both to strengthen crops and to
weaken the competitive advantage of pests. Practices encompass direct physical
... and needs to be part of an integrated weed management system utilizing
multiple techniques (Bond and Grundy, 2001; Liebman and Davis, 2000),
particularly given the increased popularity of conservation tillage systems for
erosion control, ...

Management Strategies For Weedy Rice In Asia

Author: Bhagirath Singh Chauhan
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
ISBN: 9712209288
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Weed Sci. 33:310-314. Eleftherohorinos IG. Dhima KV. 2002. Red rice (OryZa
saliva) control in rice (0. saliva) with preemergence and postemergence
herbicides. Weed Technol. 16:537-540. Estorninos Jr LE, Gealy DR, Talbert RE,
Gbur EE. ... 2000. Cultural management to control weedy rice in paddy field.
Korean J. Crop Sci. 45:232-236. Kwon SL, Smith Jr RJ, Talbert RE. 1991.
Interference of red rice (Oryza saliva) densities in rice (0. saliva). Weed Sci 39:
169-174. Kwon SL, Smith ...

Non Chemical Weed Management

Author: Mahesh K. Upadhyaya
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1845932900
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Weed management in non-competitive vegetable crops may be improved with
intercropping. For example, a leek (Allium porrum)– celery (Apium graveolens)
intercrop in the Netherlands inhibited both weed emergence and growth
compared with leek grown alone (Baumann et al., 2000). There is increasing
interest in intercropping of field crops in North America. Wheat–lentil, wheat–
canola, wheat– canola–pea and barley–medic (Medicago spp.) intercrops have
shown potential to ...

The Potato

Author: Roy Navarre
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1780642806
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Varietal sensitivity is important to consider when selecting herbicides. ... Most
growers utilize integrated weed management strategies that include cultural,
mechanical, and chemical inputs to protect the crop from yield loss due to weeds.
... Weed Science 42, 528–533. Benech-Arnold, R.L., Sánchez, R.A., Forcella, F.,
Kruck, B. and Ghersa, C.M. (2000) Environmental control of dormancy in weed
seed banks in soil. Field Crops Research 67, 105–122. Björkman, T. and Shail,
J.W. (2010) ...